Landscape Lover, Pt 4

“You ARE single, aren’t you?” Kerri looked at him with concern. Her head tilted in ‘don’t you dare lie to me’ sort of way. “I am.” “Good. So, no hidden wife or children then.” Her smile deepened, revealing the deep precipice of a single dimple. It wasn’t enough to stop the souring of his mood…

Landscape Lover Pt 3

Thunder clapped, hammering across the sky as lightning seemingly too close to the ground ripped through the large, low, heavy, black clouds. It had been this way for a week. The unprecedented showers were responsible for flooding across Washington and showed no signs of ending anytime soon. It was like a monsoon. Water was everywhere….

Landscape Lover, Pt 2

Where the hell is she going? He was thirsty, but he didn’t want to take her lemonade. She would linger. Try to talk to him. He made a great show of ignoring her and annoyance as she approached and interrupted them. “Thought you guys might be thirsty.” she said chirpily. Maddie is pretty in a way…

Landscape Lover, Pt 1.

The sun on his back turned his brown skin golden with sweat and extra melanin. His skin was smooth, rippled only by the strength and firmness beneath it. His jeans hung low from lean hips, strong thigh disappearing into the length of very worn jeans and the steel toe boots he wore somehow made it an outfit…

Un-Invited Pt 3.

The killer’s rage was not to be mistaken. The eerie body bag nearby shocked and confused the cleanup team.

Un-Invited , Part 2

She had killed 52 men, and she knows the face of every last one. She would never forget. No matter how many there were.


She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but Gabi Montgomery had the feeling something was off ever since she entered her apartment an hour ago. She couldn’t figure out why, but her space felt invaded somehow. The feeling un-nerved her. Her attempt at a sexy soak in the bath with a book and a…