Fancii Facial Spin Brush

I’ve been meaning to write a review for this face brush I decided to try, the Fancii Facial brush. Let’s start with the pros.



1. Packaging

The comes in a cute travel compact case. The brush is embedded along with the heads so it’s not bouncing around during transport.


2. Three (3) Heads

I’ve noticed some sets advertising four, but the set I ordered and received has three heads. They are separate with different functions; One for gentle cleaning (grey & white), one for daily exfoliating (black & white) and a silicone head for dry/sensitive skin. I find they each serve their functions well. All three brushes are firm, but soft and do not agitate my skin during use. The brushes are also very easily detached and reattached with a snap.


3. Two Speed

There are two-speed settings. The singular button on the brush starts a fairly vigorous clockwise rotation of the head. For a faster spin, the button should be pressed twice. A third press stops the brush.

The rotations are vigorous enough to clean, however, occasionally I prefer to use the brush manually for a more vigorous clean.


4. Battery Operated

That’s more convenient for me personally. If my batteries are good then I’m good to go. I prefer this option to charging.


5. Price

The set goes for $25.99 on Amazon. That’s fairly inexpensive for the quality.

Let’s go on to the cons. For me, there is just one.


One the dominant feature of the sales pitch is that the brush is waterproof. Let’s be clear, it is NOT. I tend to read reviews of products before I buy them. A few of the reviews warned (with pictures) that though the brush claims to be waterproof, it was damaged when the customer submerged it.So with that information, I bought it anyway. When I received it the first this I did was to check the battery compartment and it was instantly apparent that it was not sealed enough to be waterproof.

So I never submerged the entire thing nor used it in the shower. I’ve had no issues submerging the head, though thus far if I think the brush requires more than a few seconds underwater I detach it. Also, I dry the brush after each use. That means opening the battery compartment as well as to do a precautionary ‘pat dry’. It’s usually needed.




In conclusion, the brush is pretty good for the price point, but if you’re looking for something that you’ll be able to use in the shower, this is not it.


Until next time…

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Toddler’s Washday

Siobhan’s hair in its freest state has tight curls. It’s much like my own in terms of being extremely fuzz prone and dry. It didn’t take very long for me to realize the baby hair products weren’t going to work. So I tried a few. I’m still on the market for a good creme moisturizer (for both of us) so if you know of any, do let me know.

Wet, Texture Shot

Currently, its products like raw shea butter mixed with coconut oil that helps to keep her hair hydrated during styling but it never lasts, especially when I attempt to style her hair for a day or to. I guess I’m trying to figure out and learn the ways of her hair. Now, if I could just get her to stop ripping it out, that’d be great. Currently, she clings to any accessories or ponytails and pulls so hard, she trembles sometimes. Thi started at about 8 months old and continues. There are ever emerging bald spots, which I am fighting the good fight using black castor oil, but it doesn’t stop new patches in the front third of her head every so often!


I am currently using the Lottabody line. It great except that the moisturizer really doesn’t do much for her but I use it anyway. I wash her using the Lottabody Hydrate Me Moisturizing Shampoo and the Lottabody Hydrate Me Moisturizing Conditioner, both with  Coconut and Shea Oils. These are perfect and leave her hair feeling nice and soft after washing.



Dry, Unmoisturized Texture Shot

Once we’ve dried her hair completely, I moisturize it using the LOC (Liquid, Cream and Oil) method starting with the Creme of Nature Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner This stuff is my holy grail, but when I noticed that her hair would break a lot during styling, I started using it to test it. Again, I was happy to note, her hair responds to the product just as mine does.


Her scalp requires very little oil at this point because of the castor oil from the wash and so I just apply the creme Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk. Again, this product does well enough, but both our hairs just do “okay” with it. I then apply either shea butter or coconut oil, before styling. Bear in mind her head is tiny, so it’s really a little bit that is required, except with the creme moisturizer. After that, I’m able to style her hair smoothly and problem free.

Dried & Moisturize Texture Shot

I also try not to style her every day and use products on her sparingly throughout the week to avoid weighing her hair down. But if it so happens that she need a mid-week wash, I will give her one. I also promptly wash salt water from her hair if we’ve been to the beach or anything like that. I also put a little hair wax at the front the get her growing fuzz in neat. This isn’t every day, but definitely, if I’m going on the road and want her hair to look like it’s actually been done within the last week! Ha! The product is great too! Better than Eco-Styler. No white residue at all and the hold lasts a lot longer with just a tiny amount dabbed.


All of this takes maybe an hour at most, and she’s very good at sitting for her hair to be style as long as I let her play with the bottles and let her overturn the container with her hair accessories and play with them.

P.S. I tried to take better pics but… well… TODDLER! Haha.


Product List

  1. Lottabody Hydrate Me Moisturizing Shampoo
  2. Lottabody Hydrate Me Moisturizing Conditioner
  3. Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk
  4. Shavout 100% Virgin Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  5. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner
  6. Ossion Ultra Aqua Hair Wax

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Skincare: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

Aveeno is well known for gentle skincare products. I’ve used a few products from the Positively Radiant line and it suddenly dawned on me that I should do reviews of my favourite products. The Positively Radiant line is AWESOME!

The pads come in a well sealed plastic jar. They are well saturated with soapy product, with a smooth side and a studded, textured side for exfoliation. They smell great and leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean and visibly smooth, moisturized and feeling soft. They are also great for removing dirt and makeup residue.

The jar comes with 28 pads and each pad is 3.35″ in diameter. 20171231_104222.jpg

dialog-148815_960_720Tip: A little product goes a long way. For this reason, I cut each pad into four (4) so yes, I get 4x the use from each jar. It still does great being that small and saves a ton. You can cut into two (2) if that works for you. As an additional measure, I cleanse my face before using them.

Where: You can find them in almost any beauty store and are available on Amazon.

Cost: At my local grocery store (supermarket) they retail for JMD$1323.91 which is about US$10.71. You can purchase a Pack of 3 on Amazon for US$17.93.

I Won’t Go Natural

Over the past few years, the natural hair movement has dominated quite a bit. I am here for it. As ever, my little country, Jamaica has been pushing boundaries on the international stage regarding what’s acceptable as beautiful hair. I am here for it!

Davina Bennett – Miss Jamaica Universe 2017

A few shining examples are the recent Miss Jamaica Universe, Davina Bennett sporting her fro while snagging her place as 2nd, runner-up in the Miss Universe competition. A spot many people worldwide agree fell short as we feel she deserved the crown. But 3rd out of 92? We’ll take it. And we’ll keep coming too, so watch out world!

Sanetta Myrie – Miss Jamaica World 2015

Other notable Jamaican queens pushing hair boundaries are Miss Jamaica World 2015, Dr. Sanetta Myrie, finishing as a top 10 contender on the world stage with her gorgeous locks.

Miss Jamaica Universe 2014, Kaci Fennel-Shirley rocked her short mane on the global stage too, ending in top 5 for the Miss Universe 2014 crown.

Kaci Fennel-Shirley – Miss Jamaica Universe 201

Even before then, there was Terri Karelle Griffiths (now Reid), Miss Jamaica World 2005 who rocked the fro and puff quite regally.

Terri Karelle Reid – Miss Jamaica World 2005

Despite this liberating shift for freedom and the appreciation for the beauty of hair in all its forms, some are, as ever fighting to turn this beautiful thing ugly. Scores of women (and possibly men) now feel entitled to spew all kinds of advice and commentary about hair, effectively attempting to ostracize black women who choose to get relaxers. It’s unfathomable that in 2017 we’ve seemed to abandon the concept of choice and preference. It seems it’s perfectly acceptable to have damaged un-cared for natural hair, as opposed to well maintained relaxed hair.

If I had a dime for every time some self-righteous woman thought it was a compliment to tell me how nice my hair would be if it was natural, I’d be rich. I am very appreciative of the natural hair movement as a black woman, and love that women are enjoying the freedom and beauty of their crowning glory. It’s our right to do so. Sometimes I think I want to go natural because it’s beautiful, but then when I think about it, I know I don’t really want to. It’s also my right to decide that it is not for me. My lifestyle, hair type and temperament do not support it, nevermind the actual transition. I know natural hair is versatile, I also know that if I were natural, I would spend so much time straightening my hair, there’s no doubt of severe heat damage, so what is the point? Simply, I’m not here for it. I am not interested.


I’m relaxed, I prize the ability to apply some moisture, take my hair down from a wrap and scrape my hair into a ponytail or bun and be out the door in 5 minutes. Anything lasting longer than that thoroughly annoys me. When I need a relaxer, roughly every 4 weeks, it takes longer to do my hair in a way that I deem presentable. Suddenly, a ponytail or a bun can take as much as 15-20 minutes to craft, following many a grunt and frustrated sighs on my part.


This has always been the case, but now that I’m a mother, it’s increased tenfold. The last thing I want to do is bother with spending 15 minutes combing through a tangled mess of 1/2 inch new growth. By the time I need to redo my hair in another ponytail, it will be tangled again and in need of a comb out. My scalp will start to become sore and tender. I don’t have whole days to dedicate to a washing regimen, or thousands to spend on an embarrassing collection of chemical-laced products we all like to think is ‘organic’. I would not be doing the transitioning thing either. After braiding for two or three months, I would hack it off. That’s just me.

I get a braid every few months, primarily because I don’t want to be bothered with hair at all for a few weeks. However, no matter the style, it won’t last more than 3-4 weeks.

Hair Type (4c), Tangle Prone, Fuzz Loving

Just this past summer, I pushed the limits (I know I really shouldn’t have, but I did) and kept my braids for 7 weeks. Yikes! My hair matted at the roots, as is its tendency. When my hair is braided though, it grows twice as much, sheds twice as much. So much so, it’s my go-to’ recovery/quarantine. If I’m experiencing breaking or excessive shedding, I get braids and the problem usually corrects itself.

The point though is that I choose to have relaxed hair. Every 4-5 weeks, I to choose to re-affirm and reinforce that decision. Please don’t tell me I’m trying to be white, or self hating, or ignorant, or any other half-assed attempt at reasoning to appear ‘deep’ when potholes on Jamaican roads are deeper than your level of cognitive thinking, or attempts to be so ‘woke’ that the lack of sleep is making you psychotic.


Stop. I know what chemicals are. I went to school too. I have Google, just like you. Natural hair is beautiful. Let us bask in the liberty and appreciation for hair of types. Let us unite to prevent someone being told afro is unprofessional, unkempt, ugly or distracting. And cease and desist from trying we all must be natural to appreciate our blackness.

I might go natural one day, but it ain’t today… or tomorrow… or even the day after that.


Skincare: Noxzema Cleansing Cream

I stumbled on this product, sort of by accident. A close friend of mine had sent me a picture of a box of them he had bought. Nonchalantly, I said “I want one….. what is it?” Lol!

Anyway, he told me what it was and a few weeks later when I went to drop something by his house, he took what I brought him and handed me a bag. I had forgotten I had asked (still not sure I was serious)  but happy to try it. 

The first thing I noticed was the consistency of the cream. For a cleansing product, it didn’t exaggerate anything nor contain anything of the soapy quality. It simply feels like the spreading a cold velvet on. It simply claimed to cleanse.

It has the amazing scent of Eucalyptus Oil (an ingredient).

I find the best results are when I put the cream on as a mask for 10 – 15 minutes. Smooth, clean, fresh feeling and helped with evening skin tone. It’s AMAZING!

I really don’t understand how or why it’s overlooked. After 5 or 6 other current cleansers that do nothing for me and using thiz for a few weeks now, this is my new favorite.


Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

This morning I went to put some make-up on, you know, in one of those ‘just because’ moods. However, I was stopped cold in my tracks looking at the condition of my favourite foundation brush. It couldn’t ‘rerk’, so I abandoned ship and decided to clean them. Unfortunately, though, I was already halfway through the process before I decided it would make a nice little DIY beauty post, I don’t have before and after photos.

I don’t own a brush cleaner, so my cleaning tool is pretty much my fingers. My cleaning agents are dishwashing liquid  (yes, that’s exactly what I said) and apple cider vinegar. Together, by themselves (dry) or in a bit of water (lukewarm or room temperature, doesn’t matter) the make-up falls right off!

I really wish I had thought to take a picture and show you ladies the catastrophe my flat top brush was, but, oh well. Looks good as new! The brushes kept their shape and lost no fibres. None, zip, zilch, nada!


By the way, if you’re wondering, this set is one I bought on Amazon about 3 years ago, and giiiirlll was it worth the purchase! They should still sell it, but don’t quote me on that. It was around  $10 or $11 at the time. They are soft and great quality!

My Foundations (Drugstore)

For a black woman of the tropics myself, wearing a full face of makeup daily is an absolute no-no. I just can’t do it. But most days, what does make it is at least a coat of foundation. I am a matte loving creature. If it’s matte or smoky, give it to me please, all day everyday...

Mind out of the gutter and focus! Lol.

Personally, I look for 4 things in my foundation;

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Matte
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Look great in pics

I also need my foundation to be able to keep me fresh-faced for a trip to the store, and still give a stellar performance if I need to be beat to the gods. As you can see, my makeup needs simple and finite. I found all of them in the two foundations, I am about to recommend.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse

My Shade: Cocoa (Dark 3)


This was my foundation for the last 2+ years. When I first bought it and I got a look at the packaging, I wondered what kind of rip off was this? But much to my satisfaction, a little product goes a very long way, it is truly a mousse like texture.

I didn’t think there was any other drugstore foundation this good. Beautiful colour (though not a complete match for me), light and airy, matte, and in pictures was a flawless. I could also get a decent (3-4 hours) before I would need to blot or touch-up. I didn’t look for anything else because I was completely happy with it. I still love it!

Maybelline Fit Me  Matte and Poreless

My Shade: Coconut (#355)


So the other I decided to see what was on the market before getting my foundation. This doesn’t happen very often with my beauty product, because, well,… I am a creature of habit. If I find a product that supplies all my needs, I hold on for dear life. So when I came across this beauty, and the ravings about the perfect shade match, I thought now was a good a time as any to try it out.

When I put that first coat on, holey moley my spine danced! P.E.R.F.E.C.T. The shade is amazing, ladies. It’s matte, lightweight, a longer wear that than the Matte Mousse ( I got 8 hours very nicely) and is gorgeous in pics.It’s so beautiful I will be getting the dewy finish version as well.

I definitely recommend getting these two foundations for everyday wear.

Relaxed Hair: Simple, Haircare Regime

My last hair blog spoke of my dead end hair journey a few years back. To refresh, I abandoned it because it was simply not working for me. (See previous  hair journey article for more details). I have hair that requires minimalist attention to be healthy and thriving. I am also relaxed with 4C type hair. I have 3 different textures, but they are all 4C. So what do I use in my hair?

My wash regime is NOT weekly as is purported as a ‘must’ by the masses. I do not do it. As a matter of fact, how often I wash may or may not be directly linked the amount or kind of products that I have used or simply whether or not I think my scalp has sweated more than the usual. Whatever the case, I adjust my washing regime as is needed based on the mentioned events. In an ordinary week when I’ve simply sparingly applied my cream and liquid moisturizers, I wash every 2 or 3 weeks. I do NOT apply oils daily ( once or twice a week) and use water based moisturizers over oil based ones. With oil based moisturizers, my hair dries out much too quickly and requires a lot of moisture daily. Then in a few days it requires a sulphate wash because it feels stiff and dry. When using such a product, a wash once or twice a week is needed. This is why it is important to realize how your hair reacts to products.  I also do not co-wash as I find no need for it.

Pay attention when your hair speaks. I use the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner. This stuff is my holy grail and when I have this on hand, no other products are necessary. I also use Nk Naturals Peppermint Hair Butter as my moisturizer, but, unfortunately the manufacturer has discontinued making the product. My heart aches for it because I have yet to locate any as good this one. My oils are random and can be singular or mixtures of olive, coconut, carrot and tea tree. The lighter the oil, the better my hair accommodates it.

I relax my hair every 4 to 8 weeks depending on how much my hair has grown. Any longer results in breaking. The only exception is where I’ve added braids to my hair. I put in braids once or twice a year for 3-4 weeks. No longer. I DO NOT ‘stretch relaxers‘ because this stresses my hair and my scalp.  The length I would gain from it is equal or less than what I would lose needing to trim. This makes that counter productive. I do protein and hot oil treatments and deep conditioning every few months as I feel they are needed.

I trim ALL split ends upon discovery. No matter when that is. I don’t attempt to fix them, ever. I trim them all. (I’m partial to my hair looking freshly cut and sometimes trim for that reason only). As a result, I rarely end up having split ends. I very rarely use heat for styling. As such, I do not own a flat-iron and will not purchase one.
Following a relaxer, I wear my hair down for about two weeks. After that, very loose ponytails/buns and twists and corn rows. These are quick, cute, require minimal manipulation and keep my ends protected and away.

That’s all I do and my hair is healthy. Of course I realize this approach is not for everyone and I do it this way because it’s best for my hair. I tried it the popular way and it did not go well. (See previous hair blog).

Disclaimer: I am not a professional hair care provider. I make no allegations that the above is proven to be best for anyone other than myself.

First Pregnancy Series: Pregnancy, Skincare & I

“Beauty is skin deep”.

Yes, yes it is. It would appear ny pregnancy pieces are all bout phenomenons I found shocking and/or enlightening throughout my journey. Nevertheless, here’s a bit of information on an impressively important aspect, Skincare. For us first timers in this pregnancy business, (well for me at least), skincare is of grave importance.  Prior, I had mildly dry skin which was almost never obvious to anyone else except for those rare lapses in beauty maintenance. I did find though, that during pregnancy I have been presented with quite a few variations.

The first trimester came with a sudden onset of severe dryness. Perhaps it was dehydration since I was constantly consuming copious amount of water which never seemed to be enough or it was a craving? Water never tasted better too!  Whatever the stimulant, my coping mechanism became reliance on a DIY concoction I prepared and started using as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Raw Shea Butter, Olive and Coconut Oil, whipped with even a bit of Tea Tree and Carrot oil. This mixture was and continues to be my saving grace. Let me hasten to point out that the original purpose of this mixture was to manage and/or prevent stretch marks, whatever case becomes as I progress. (Twice daily applications to breasts, tummy, lower back, hips and occasionally thighs and legs). The fact that my skin had turned dry was an unknown I happened to be prepared for. I continue to use my concoction and will continue to do so. Third trimester and no tummy marks yet.  I have also included some other skincare measures to help me combat the issue. I had to purchase a good moisture based body wash since bar soaps had started to irritate my skin.I felt an assualt of moisturizing products (along with water consumption) would be appropriate. I chose Dove’s Nutrium Moisture line for that. I have also been using Jergens Coconut Hydration lotion. This is just a product I used prior to being pregnant because it was good with my skin. I have lately added to my collection Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks massage lotion. I really doubt it will do anything my DIY concoction will not, but, I will admit it’s lighter and smells better. It just makes me feel better to include it. It is very moisturizing and my skin is relishing it.
Second trimester took me to the acne bit of things and it was then I found my regular facial care products were simply incapable of coping. My breakout was also becoming inflamed which isn’t something with which I was previously familiar. To say I felt like an ugly duckling would be accurate. And then it happened. I began to use a bit of cake soap (laundry bar soap). While it is a bit drying, it keeps the acne to a minimum and got rid of inflammation. I experimented by cessation of use and sure enough, my face started to become inflamed again. So at least until my nugget pops out of the oven, my regular products are on pause. (Clean like me wash mi face with the cake soap!) I, however,  must always, moisturize after a wash. My skin did get a bit oily farther along but I have heard that accounts for the ‘glow‘. For now, cake soap and moisturizer it is!

The rest of the body gets less attention but not so much as to the point of disregard. I’ve never been much of a razor user to shave my legs, I’m a Nair girl through and through, but I have used the razor a couple of times lately for the simple fact that it’s a bit quicker and let’s face it, I’m not as flexible these days! (Welp!) Pregnancy has been kind to me in this area though. The hair growth my legs normally sees is mysteriously absent. (Same for my eyebrows but I am NOT complaining). Hair removal lotion is  an extra source of moisture that doesn’t require the frequency razors demand.

There’s also that little matter of this season’s ungodly tropical heat. My tolerance for it is fairly minimal (if at all existent). The joy I experience on a rainy day is …. well downright wonderous! During the more perpetual lashings if heat at the peak of the summer heat, I found myself victim to chaffing for the first time in my life. My saving grace? Body powder! Keeping the area dry and excessive applications has sent that rash packing as fast as it came! I am actually quite relieved.

To more private matters, a bottle of feminine wash and a steady supply of pantiliners are my busom buddies! (Pregnant ladies, you know what I mean!) These two are my everyday products which have become monumental during pregnancy.

Aside from the products, a myriad of the above and others, skincare is as much internal as it is external. Don’t forget.. fruits, water, vegetables, water and … oh yea, WATER!! Dry, stretching skin can never be a good thing. We cannot stress the importance of moisturized skin enough. Not just oiled/oily but moisturized skin! So doing my thing while mother nature does hers? I’m definitely here for it! Wish me luck!