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Welcome to my blog! My blogging journey started after I was at home pregnant with way too much time on my hands, alone with my thoughts, and tonnes of new feelings, and excitement. I put it down on paper  (or phone). My friend suggested I start a blog and in a what the heck moment, my blog was born with my first post, Big Fat Positive.  I hadn’t done any research or anything like that or known very much about the blogging world. My husband had a football (soccer) blog 94th Minute. and that is pretty much all I knew about it. After that first post, I watched the stats go off and thought, “wow” people are actually reading this. So, I continued and here we are.

Who is Shandean?

I’m an introvert, or rather, an extroverted introvert. I’m actually shy (although almost no one ever believes me when I say this). Meeting new people makes me nervous, I don’t really like crowds and I am pretty absorbed in my family and my little world. On the flipside, you’ll find me to be strong-minded and extremely opinionated, passionate and mulish. 

My blog follows no one theme as I do not confine my creative space to any one topic. I am Jamaican native, wife of an introverted full-time doctor and student and football (soccer) fanatic and a mother to an energetic and vibrant toddler.

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As the above would suggest, I am multifaceted, phenomenally woman, and with varied interests.

Ideally, conversations are for an audience that is grown, mature, intelligent, with a healthy respect for The Total Woman and Family Life. This is the type of audience my blog is geared towards. Grown, mature, intelligent, with a healthy respect for The Total Woman. If you happen here by chance, I hope you stay for the content!

I am also an Author, Business Plan Writer, Consultant and Strategist. Contact Me HERE.

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