Moving… Blogs

Hey there, guys! I have been MIA for a hot minute, as I know you’re tired of hearing, however, I’m hoping what will make up for it is the fact that I will be posting more regularly now. I’d give more details but that is one of the things I needed to update you on first.


Add a little bit of body text (2).png
Listen, I want to be a tadpole today, okay? Good? We good? Good! 

I’ve been feeling awfully spread thin. My attention is demanded in so many different areas that I began to feel less than adequate. So, I thought long and hard about it and have decided to consolidate my personal and professional social media presence. Since personally, I’ve preferred to be myself and stay true to all facets of me, Shandean; I’ve decided there is really not much need to separate the two images, which is what I have been doing over the last two years and found that as I grow personally and professionally, it is increasingly hard to maintain, two to three accounts across most platforms. So as of today, (actually a few days’weeks now) there’s just one page on each platform representing the spectrum of my personal brand covering being a wife and mother to writer/blogger to entrepreneur.


All this to say, if you want to continue to be subscribed to my blog, I encourage you to sign up via email using the pop-up (wait 30 seconds) at or follow on WordPress from there. While it hurts a little to start over, I figure better now than later. It’ll be much easier to be current on one blog as opposed to two and that will definitely be more therapeutic for me and you. Plus, all the posts from this address have been imported there, so you won’t miss a thing!

My next post will be an update (on, though its much of the same with a little big thing or two mixed in.

That’s it then! Hope to see you over yonder!

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