JAMAICA: Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach REVIEW

My Birthday (August 9) weekend was a really full and busy time. My novel came out that day, and the stress of the months leading up was really wearing me thin. So when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday and we happened to be driving by the Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach at that very moment, I said “There. Take me there and treat me like a tourist in Montego Bay.”


He didn’t get why I wanted that, he thought there wasn’t anything special to see, but I’m not from there. I didn’t grow up on the tourist end of the island like he did and though I had been a few times to the island’s second city prior to when we started dating, and “a lot a lot” after, I’m still not familiar with much of the place. I could still be lost in Downtown like that! (Let’s just pretend that isn’t due to my horrible sense of direction.)

The wonderful man I married gave me exactly what I asked for, although we only went out on the Hip Strip for a short walk, and we spent it giggling more than anything else.


Check-in was really easy, and surprisingly, we had access to the sister (neighbouring property as well). The staff was very friendly, always smiling and helpful. The hotel is an All Inclusive resort and So small, all the rooms are ocean view. We were able to roam both properties within minutes, but then, the property is smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the tourist hub. In my opinion, the tradeoff is well worth it. It’s extremely relaxing beyond the hotel walls.

Panoramic View From Our Room


The Room

The rooms were clean, modern and absolutely beautiful. WiFi present throughout the property.

The View & Sunsets

The property was clean and very well kept, and from our room, we had a beautiful, unobstructed view of the pool, the sky (we plane watched all weekend and watched sunsets) and the beach. In my biased view, the sunset view is life changing. There is nothing as good as watching the golden glow as the sun disappears on the horizon beneath the lullaby of the baby waves caressing the shores. (Okay, I sound like a fool, but the sunsets really are beautiful!




img_3216The buffet was good, the variety limited but not disappointingly so. Beyond the buffet though, there is not much. The snack bar has hot dogs and burgers only each time and dinner ‘reservation is for the same restaurant at night. And the menu was simply beef and fish, and it was not very good either.

Breakfast was my favourite, delicious, with options and a beautiful, open ocean view.


img_3063There were various activities to partake in. We went kayaking for the first time and that was fun. We went almost to the airport, and floated on the water, watching the flights come in. The water was beautiful and clear. So clear, the depth is deceiving. We saw fish and other sea creatures including sting wrays. (I’m a Planet Earth fanatic so I was especially hyped about that. I loved it and did it for two mornings. (I don’t have pictures because my phone isn’t waterproof, haha!). There were entertainment shows at nighttime.

That weekend, there were a couple of party boats cruise on the beach from 10am well into the night.

Although it was just us on the trip, the hotel is family friendly. The com.mon spaces are beautiful. There are several bars and a coffee bar (I enjoyed that).

As hotels go, this one is highly recommended if you want to rest, like rest, rest.

Until next time,

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