Prequel To My Book AVAILABLE!

Hi, guys! If you have been following my social media, you’ve heard!

What Is It?

The prequel is NOT the/a book. It is a marketing tool, leading up to the book launch in August. It’s a teaser, providing background information essential to the story and giving depth and breadth to the antagonist(s) and protagonist(s) characters.

How Long Is It?

It’s in the vicinity of about three thousand (3000) words. It won’t take more than a few minutes. If you’re a fast reader,you’re looking at about five (5) minutes. If you’re slower, expect to spend maybe ten (10) to fifteen (15).

How Do I Get It?

If you’re subscribed to my blog via email, then you are already on the launch list and would have been sent an access email on June 1. Another was sent out on June 2, for some who’s email wasn’t opened. If you’re subscribed and believe you haven’t received it, check your social, promotions and junk boxes.Don’t worry, if you weren’t subscribed before June 1, you will still be sent your download in your welcome email (after you confirm your email).Guys, if you follow with your WordPress account, it’s not the same as following email. You would have to sign up manually HERE or using the subscription pop-up box on and Thanks to those who have read and provided feedback so far. I really appreciate it. Continue to send me your thoughts and pictures! 😁Also, stay tuned for the main event!

Published by: Shandean

I’m the self-dubbed Caffeinated Powerhouse; wearing many hats in a day. I’m a wife to a doctor whose a full-time Radiology resident (That’s not as fun for me as it sounds since he’s always, and I mean always busy with work and school), work-from-home mother to a rambunctious, overly opinionated, impossibly cute and too much like myself toddler, a business and creative and editor who owns a small digital publishing (written content niche) and communications firm, an author, blogger, motivator and whatever else I need to be in any given day.

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