Un-Invited Pt 3.

The blood had grown cold and curdled. It was everywhere. The large, red splatters lay carelessly, yet intricately across the wooden floors, walls, paintings and pictures. One particularly telling stain included clumps of brain matter. The lifeless body sprawled awkwardly across the walkway presented as a witness to vicious struggle that took place only minutes before. It was unrecognizable. The victim’s head was bashed in, giving the appearance of an odd geometrical figure. Examination revealed blunt forced trauma, gunshot wounds and stab wounds. The killer’s rage was not to be mistaken. The eerie body bag nearby shocked and confused the cleanup team.

The metallic scent permeated the apartment, choking the most experienced of the forensics team and the chill of the night permeated the apartment from the cracked window. The city lights flashed below, the world carried on without missing the life it just lost. It didn’t stop, it didn’t cry. No moment of silence to show reverence.

The two women having been found unconscious were carted off to the hospital, police in toe.

One of them had to leave in a body bag. Gabi Montgomery had now killed 53 men.


1 Hour before….

***She didn’t want to kill him. She understood his anger. His brother was dead and she had killed him. It was easier to be mad at her than to acknowledge that his brother was wrong, possibly ill. It didn’t matter now what he was or wasn’t. She did what she had to do to save lives. She shot the knife from his hand, but to her surprise it didn’t stop him. He had a surprising amount of momentum for such a short distance and the collision knocked the wind out her.  She fell face forward and realized that if she couldn’t move she would  die. He was on top of her.

His weight braced in her back and his arm around her neck squeezed with a force she’d never felt. He growled and grunted. She used whatever strength she could muster to pick up the baseball bat that came into view. She said a short prayer to her nephew and awkwardly swatted above her head. She was losing consciousness. Finally, a blow connected enough to loosen his grip n she elbowed him in the ribs and wiggled from under him before he had a chance to recover. She couldn’t make it to her feet so she crawled.

A knock and the door opening surprised them both.

“Gabi! Come on, I’m getting you out of here. Let’s go get a drink. Or two. Or three… We don’t have to count.”


As the sound  of her best friend’s voice filled the apartment, Gabi’s stomach fell as dread took over. No, no, no, no, no! He would reach her before she could. She tried to scream for Vanessa to get out but there was only a hoarse whisper. In horror she realized her throat and airways were swollen. Her heart beat so loudly she couldn’t hear. She heard heels clicking in their direction.

Oh God! She was coming to her! To him!

Adrenaline rushed through her body and she got to her feet running towards him, him towards her. Halfway up, she dipped, retrieving the knife and the movement, too fast, threw her off balance. She rolled and got up, ignoring the puke that rose in her throat. She was dizzy. Her head hurt and the world was spinning. Her vision was blurred.  She had to get up.

Vanessa rounded the corner and bumped into Mike.

“Who-… Oh my God!”

Vanessa’s scream was cut off before it started, her attempt to flee a fraction of a second too late.

Gabi reached them and her anger exploded. He was strangling her, even with his shot, bloodied hand. Vanessa was gasping for air without success, scratching at his face, kicking. Gabi clutched the knife rained the blows on his back with renewed strength as he howled and fell on top of Vanessa.

That made her angrier. She pulled him off, got a wooden showpiece on her center table and hit him so many times she lost count.  Not being satisfied, she got her hidden pistol and shot him six times. She thought Vanessa dead until she moaned. She didn’t have time to rejoice. All at once, her world went blank. 

The darkness took over.

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  1. Venice says:

    Totally loving it …..it keeps me on edge….great job girl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shandean™ says:

      Thank you, Venice!


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