Un-Invited , Part 2

“Gabrielle Ava Montgomery.” She didn’t recognize the ashy male voice.

“Come out.” She ordered.

Slowly, the figure rose from the other side of the bed.

Gabi didn’t bother to switch the light on. Enough light came through the window for her to see his face clearly and she wanted to advantage she knew the dark gave her. She recognized him. He looked too much like the man she had killed for her not to, so she knew who this was. It had to be Tony Delaware’s brother Mike. Of that she was sure. She had killed 52 men, and she knows the face of every last one. She would never forget. No matter how many there were.

He clutched a large knife. Instinctively she knew that wasn’t his only weapon. He got this far.  He isn’t stupid. He had a gun. She knew.

She also didn’t miss the fact that along with being inside her apartment, he had used her full name. Something she herself hadn’t heard in a while. He’d clearly been keeping tabs on her. She had been careless.

For the last eight years she’s been a member of the Special Weapons And Tactics SWAT team. She’s second in command of her unit . Last year, her team was called in to take out an irate kidnapper who had taken three teenagers, two girls and one boy hostage. He’d already killed one of the girls and shot the boy. The team needed their best sniper to act fast. That was her. She took Delaware out before he’d been able to shoot the last kid.

She knew what Mike was after. It’s what the families are always after. Revenge. Yet, this one had gotten farther than any other had before him. She usually saw them a mile away coming. Not this  one. She found that interesting. And dangerous.

“You aren’t frightened, Gabi.” he said commented casually.

“You know better, Mike.”

“Ah… so you know who I am.” He smirked mockingly and enacted a bow that could only be described as disgraceful. It lacked gallantry in every way.

She remained silent. She is taller than he and she is certain he is fit. She was almost certain. He was there to kill her, no doubting that. But she’d been in her apartment a whole hour. And yet… She needed to know.

“You’ve kind of lost your window of opportunity, haven’t you? I’ve been here an hour. Why did you let it come to this?”

“I thought to rape you first, beat you up. Make sure you understand you’re going to die for what you did to Tony.” He tried to keep the venom from his voice as he spoke and failed.

“How cute.”  She taunted.

“I brought a body bag for you.” He taunted back.

“Good. I’ll need it. Your brother was in the last one I had.”

She heard the change in his breathing. It spoke of his anger. The anger she needs. She anticipated his movement a full three seconds before it happened. He lunged and in a split second, warm, sticky wet blood filled everything around them. 

 One of them was leaving that apartment dead.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loving it🤔…on d edge

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shandean™ says:

      Thank you. Thanks for reading!


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