Jamaican Freelance Market; Untapped

Freelancers are persons who are self-employed to provide services (usually tailored) to clients through short, medium or long-term. As a freelancer, we usually have multiple clients at any given time or successive short-term projects. I’m a freelancer myself.

If you nurture your freelancing careers, it can become a viable career option, especially if you are a student, before facing the harsh realities of the unrepentant wave that is the job market.

Becoming A Freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is easy, in fact, if you have a skill or you are willing to develop and perfect one, the discipline to work without supervision and an entrepreneurial mindset, you are ready for freelancing. You just need a computer, a phone and the internet depending on the services you offer.

Booming Industry? 

It sure is! The freelancing phenomenon is especially attractive with the benefits and opportunities that increase steadily on  daily basis to work online and envelop an extensively large number of skills, ranging from business services (accounting, payroll, PR) to graphic designing to make-up artistry. Your career path, work hours and clients are exclusively up to you. What you get out is directly proportional to the work you put in. You are in control.

Jamaican universities, colleges and vocational schools churn out thousands of skilled hopefuls each year into the labour market, The statistical institute of Jamaica (STATIN), reported a whopping unemployed labour force of 176, 300 as at July 2016, only a slight decrease from the 184, 900 reported in April of the same year. With these numbers and so few jobs to go around, many of us are quickly discouraged from job hunting and can spend month or even years trying to find employment.


Career Opportunities

Freelancing offers a person with a skill, not only the opportunity to make a meaningful income on a flexible schedule, but opens you up to not only local clients, but the international market as well. Companies such as local company Freelance JA Connection Network and international companies like UpWork and Freelancer provide platforms for freelancers to find work


Local freelancers have the opportunity to advertise  their services to potential clients, which is beneficial for both remote and hands on skill sets.

On a larger scale, freelancers who do online work or secure overseas clients earn their income in US dollars or a stronger currency. Jamaican business coach and entrepreneur, Yaneek Page, has produced several articles over the last few years and has been a major advocate of freelancing as a career path for Jamaicans

Freelancing is a booming industry, one of the most lucrative means of entrepreneurship and Jamaica by and large has not yet caught on, leaving the market virtually untapped.

P.S. I am a freelancer writer and business planning consultant, visit my website www.shandeanwilliams.com for blogs, articles, business plans, proposals, etc.

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